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From coffee makers to MITUSA lovers/haters

In Adventures on September 20, 2009 at 12:55 am

Remember that site I linked to the other day? And remember the great comment I pulled out for your benefit? (If you don’t, it was here, and this: “Being careful about what you buy is always a good idea, including when it was made in your own country.”)

The comments from that page illustrate many of the passionate arguments one can make, with others or with oneself, when considering the purposes and effects of buying things that are MITUSA compared to buying things that are not. Here are some of my favorite comments:

I just think it’s *better* for the US economy if we would buy more “Made in US”.

If something, anything, is made in a foreign country and it’s far below standard, I personally feel it’s the fault of the AMERICAN manufacturer that sent our jobs overseas.

USA manufacturers have not always been angels when it comes to purity, safety, and telling the truth about their products either.

Just because something is made in China doesnt mean anything really, there are millions of companies that outsource their labour; it’s cheaper. Even good quality brands do it. It’s just their standards that you have to look out for. As in the company standards, not China standards.

My problem is that China is not America’s best friend and I fear what they can do to weaken us by their intentional ‘slip ups.’ Lead poisoning causes brain damage in children, for example.

America needs jobs and manufacturing must return to help the economy. If enough people refused to buy ‘China Made’ they might consider coming back.

Many factories are full of 12 year old working 16-hour shifts. While some products from China are [made] well, much of the economy [is] based on slave labor.

My rule is not to buy anything I put in my mouth from China. It’s getting harder and harder.

There are 3 main reasons I will NOT buy any products from China–1) Safety 2) Environmental (buy locally-within US) and 3) Human Rights Violations.

I have been a label reader for 20 years plus. My friends use to laugh at me. I too will not purchse products from China… Safety, human rights, the environment & the loss of jobs and sturdy product once made in the U.S.

If Americans would network once a month, every month, getting the word out via the Internet, ceasing all purchases of China-made junk (often dangerous) we may drive our point home.

Bunn seems to have gone to China…

What really amazes me is stores like #1 retailer Wal-Mart once built its reputation on buy American and now nothing in their stores is made outside of China and third world countries. What a great retailer for our country.

If you buy Chinese junk, you hate America. End of story. Buy American.

Aside from the last comment, posted by “Patriot,” I can’t help but feeling like all of those comments are right. And I also can’t help but feeling like all of those comments are wrong.


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