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Buying Recycled Computers

In Adventures on September 28, 2009 at 12:49 am

I recently did a shoot for the Small Business Monthly at an electronics retailer called EPC. EPC (Executive Personal Computers) is a huge buyer, reseller and recycler of used computers and electronics. The headquarters, a former Target store, has a retail space for Joe Public to shop for refurbed computers, printers, monitors, peripherals and anything computer related–all of it pre-owned. Behind the retail space is 60-s0me-thousand square feet of space that’s used for the organization of the vast quantities of equipment they bring in. Sure, they sell to the public and they even accept old machines and electronics from the public for recycling, but the primary portion of their business comes from buying and selling in bulk from and to major corporations who need to acquire/eliminate hundreds, if not thousands, of computers at a time.

Being in this space I was struck by how darn MITUSA the whole operation is. Mountains of electronics that otherwise might be destined for the landfill are now destined for new life in someone’s office. That’s pretty great. And what they can’t resell, they recycle. All of the plastics and metals in the devices can be separated, ground up and reconstituted into material that can find it’s way back into the stuff we buy. Pretty neat. And pretty massive. And pretty awe inspiring when you consider that this is just one company in one city (though they do have locations in other areas of the country) dealing with one very small portion of all the electronics being bought and sold on a daily basis.


Dan Fuller, owner of EPC, photographed with a tiny fraction of his inventory.

Dan Fuller, owner of EPC, photographed with a tiny fraction of his inventory.

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