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Waste Not Paper

In Adventures on October 4, 2009 at 12:33 am

I’m toying with the idea of making our wedding invitations. To that end, I recently investigated the paper options available from my favorite paper/art purveyor, and it turns out the supplies I’ve been buying for my homemade holiday cards for years have been, albeit inadvertently, MITUSA. I’ve been buying cards, paper and envelopes from a producer called Waste Not Paper. They’re in Chicago. So they’re almost even local.

Aside from making very nice products, Waste Not Paper has a bit of a green mission.

Our paper… is created domestically, which means it didn’t travel the world to get to you! Our paper comes from mills that practice responsible, sustainable forestry as certified by objective 3rd parties. Much of our product is created using renewable energy sources, such as hydro power or wind power. Our entire line of solid cards, envelopes and paper is produced without elemental chlorine (PCF). Our printers operate with reduced volatile organic compound (VOC) emission and recycle their ink waste. Many of our note sets are handmade from renewable content, usually cotton or bark fiber.

There’s a hint of greenwash in there, but at least they’re domestic and midwestern. And they make a good point: if you buy stuff closer to home, it’s better for everybody (except for the people far away).




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