Made In The U.S.A.

American-made Blue Jeans

In Adventures on October 18, 2009 at 12:25 am

Blue Jeans are quintessentially American. Except that they’re probably not often Made in The USA.

These jeans, however, are. North Carolina, to be exact. And while I’ve only spent 72 hours in North Carolina, I liked those hours. And so I like that state. And so I deem these neat jeans. I’m guessing they’re not available in husky sizes for kids like me, but still–those of you who fit into normal clothes should consider buying some southern jeans. I like the custom-made approach, the attention to detail, the limited editions, and the general awesomeness of Raleigh Denim. Well done, tar-heels. Well done.

If you’d like to read about how most other jeans ain’t MITUSA, these angry people have things to say about Levi’s and Wranglers. And lest you worry that Lee jeans (available at JC Penney) aren’t MITUSA, they are. Sometimes maybe. “Men’s Lee jeans are washable cotton and made in USA, imported or imported of domestic fabric.” Great! Or awful.



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