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Checking Country of Origin for Amusement

In Adventures on November 7, 2009 at 12:01 am

Next time you’re in Target, or Wal Mart, or any discount store for that matter, pay attention to the country of origin of everything you want to buy. Seriously. Just try it. Report back if you want. But just try it.

I just did it, obviously because I do it every time I’m in a store. But this time was different. Mostly because I was in Target, for the first time in a long time, and I was struck by how much stuff I wanted to buy. (It’s as if Target sells the exact same crap as any other store, but they put it through the hands of somebody who actually gives a ____ about design before they stick it on the shelves. It’s amazing how much more pleasant the experience at a Target can be compared to run of the mill imported crap from other stores. And all because somebody with some sense actually has a say in matters of aesthetics. Well done. But now I’m digressing.)

I kept seeing things I wanted to buy, and I kept checking the tags just in case. With only one exception (a rug, made in India) every single thing I looked at was Made In China. From furniture to lamps to bedding to knick knacks to cookware to holiday decorations. Everything.

Doesn’t it just make you wonder what the hell China must be like?

It does me.

So seriously, try it. Just to see. And see if it makes you wonder about that magical far off land that can produce such vast quantities of everything.



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