Made In The U.S.A.

American Brands, Foreign Owned

In Adventures on November 9, 2009 at 12:54 am

Shelley’s aunt, my soon-t0-be aunt, Jane K., forwarded a link to a story 0stensibly about brands who no longer make their products in the USA. It was an inappropriate title (thanks, MSN Money) but interesting nonetheless. I haven’t worried too much about who owns the companies that make the MITUSA stuff I buy. I’m focused on country of origin: where was this item made. Not who owns it, and where they’re based, and to what country the money I spend gets shipped to. But that’s an interesting question to consider. Does a brand’s locale affect its MITUSA-ness? And that’s sorta what this story is about.

You can consider this question (not that I think there’s necessarily a correct answer) while you read the story. Maybe you’ll be surprised, as I was, to learn that Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is no longer owned by Ben or Jerry. And that Trader Joe’s, the unique boutique grocery store chain, is actually German-owned. Owned by the same German who, coincidentally, made his fortune in the Aldi grocery store chain.

It seems to me that if you focused on buying from American companies who make their products overseas, not only would you have an easier go of it, but you wouldn’t be doing nearly as much good. If I’m doing any good at all, that is.


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