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Eating Animals

In Adventures on November 17, 2009 at 12:26 am

1. I am a meatitarian. I eat a lot of meat. Red, white, the other white. Even fish. I like meat.

2. I am probably the type of person Jonathan Safran Foer is talking about when he refers to the fact that so many Americans don’t ever stop to consider where the meat they eat comes from.

Foer says his problem with meat isn’t that some people make the decision to eat it; instead, it’s that people don’t think about the decision.

If I may ride on Mr. Foer’s coattails for a moment, I think that’s exactly the same thing I’m saying about all the other stuff we buy. The more awful the process, the less you hear about it–whether that’s cattle conditions or 7000 miles to ship a bottle of water that you can half-drink and then throw on the ground to not decompose for 500 years. It’s up to us to make a conscious effort to consider these things. That’s all I want too: let’s all just think about the origins of the stuff we buy/eat/consume.

While I have serious qualms about reading Mr. Foer’s new book (because I really like eating meet in my blissful ignorance) it seems like exactly the sort of thing I should do. We all maybe should. So let’s.

Or at least let’s promise to start thinking about our consumption a little more. Seriously. Promise. No takebacks.



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