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Cheater, cheater, punkin eater.

In Adventures on November 27, 2009 at 12:01 am

In the immortal words of Jerry Falwell, I have sinned against you. Unlike Mr. Falwell, though, I’m really sorry.

Allow me to apologize for explicitly and deliberately purchasing paper from Japan. I am sorry. Really.

BUT… allow me please to also offer a bit of explanation that I hope you will find eases your pain and my disgrace.

I am making our wedding invitations. I bought several pounds of paper–maybe 10. Of that, perhaps 20 ounces is from Japan. All the rest is from Chicago.

The Japanese pulp in question is a very specific inkjet paper made by Epson. It really has a nice surface, and it’s just crucial if I’ve got any chance of keeping my invitations from looking like I Xeroxed them in the dark.

Technically, yes, there are other options. Several paper companies make inkjet papers in the USA–Brother, HP, probably more. But for top-notch photo paper, the big-name brands (for those in the know) come from Canon, Epson, Ilford, Hahnemuele, Legion and Moab. Most of those are European or Asian in origin. Moab, as you might have guessed, is based in Moab, which you may recall is in America. They may in fact make some papers here, but their web site mentions sourcing from mills around the world. That seems to be what all of them do.

But the bottom line is there was one very specific product I needed/wanted to use, and so I bought it. Then I felt really guilty. Hopefully this confessional will ease my burden. (And if you’re on the invitation list, pay attention to how nice the paper is, please. Just don’t let it be a letdown.)


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