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People Got A Lotta Nerve

In Adventures on December 11, 2009 at 12:35 am

The worst thing about living in the future is the comments on the Internet. You know, the place where people turn into animals and treat each other like shit? I hate that.

Here’s a good example that also shows how passionate people get about buying American: a customer discussion at titled “Is anyone trying to buy American-made things?” Well duh. Don’t they read this blog?

There seem to be two primary views expressed in the discussion: 1. If you love America you should only buy American-made products. 2. If you buy a worse and more expensive product just because it’s American made, you’re an idiot. As it so often is in this life, they’re both right. As it also so often is in America, they’re also both oversimplifying idiots.

Here’s the thing: Buying American is a complex process with many facets, both pro and con. The folks who oversimplify, in either direction, are kidding themselves (intentionally or not). If I’ve learned one thing this year, it’s that there are no easy answers, no complete solutions, and that Buying American does in fact accomplish lots of great things–even if they’re not the great things you expected.

Some highlights (and/or lowlights, depending on your perspective) from the “discussion”:

There is only one reason to buy American–if it is a better cost to quality ratio of something made elsewhere.

The only thing we manufacture in America is Greed and it shows up in all of our products.

Anyone who is complaining about foreign product should be at their local walmart shopping instead of here on amazon.

You can thank 3 groups for inferior and dangerous products: greedy stockholders, greedy and unprincipled CEOs who run the companies, and folks like you and me who buy the products because they are such bargains.

I buy only Earth made products. Aren’t we all in this thing together?

Almost no one buys American stuff because it costs too much. It is free to complain about it, but when it comes down to it, most of us will opt for the more affordable option. We are our own worst enemies.

People either don’t notice, don’t care, can’t read or just plain don’t know the difference, but US-made products in many categories should not be very hard to find even now.

I just look for ‘made in the USA’. Then if I need it, I buy it. It makes me feel great. Maybe I helped someone keep a job! I love the USA!

Feeling emotional about our currency will not bring manufacturing back to the USA.

People clamor for convenience in their lives, yet rail against Wal-Mart. I dunno, I just happen to like a store where I can grocery shop, clothes shop, shop for household necessities, and browse electronics… all while I get my car worked on.

Interesting project and perspective on buying American:

I like that last one.



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