Made In The U.S.A.

Christmas Aftermath

In Adventures on December 26, 2009 at 12:43 am

I received many very thoughtful gifts this year. Some were deliberately MITUSA, which I found to be a very sweet gesture from my family and friends. Other gifts were accidentally MITUSA–gifts that were given that just happened to be Made In The USA. Here’s a rundown.

Deviled Egg Tray. This gift, the result of a gag gift exchange, is not only quite desirable around my house, it’s randomly MITUSA. It’s not often that cheap plastic dollar store-style stuff is also homegrown. A nice surprise.

The Beatles, Let It Be. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised; many CDs are pressed in the USA. But looking at such a classic British album, I was a bit surprised by the prominent MITUSA marking on the disc.

Food. This isn’t so much a surprise, but since local is so MITUSA, my mother decided that locally grown foods would be a great gift. She’s right. Now I’ve got salsas and peanuts and pecans and all sorts of local foods to enjoy.

Necktie. Shelley got me a handmade necktie from Etsy–our favorite shopping destination. Etsy played a prominent role in this year’s gift giving in our family–as much because it’s great as because it’s handmade and MITUSA.

Vintage Teapot. Shelley’s sister found the kind of china gifts I like; little c, not big. It’s a great vintage teapot in green and silver. (At least I think it’s green. Either way, it’s quite pretty.)

Spices. Shelley’s Aunt gave us a gift of spices from a chain of American spice shops. While the origins of some of the spices may be far away, it’s nice to see someone producing the finished products domestically, even locally. It may not be totally MITUSA, but it’s close. And besides, the point is that they’re the perfect spices to bring luck to a new marriage. So even if it weren’t MITUSA, I’d be all for it.

Happy Christmas, one and all…



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