Made In The U.S.A.

An American manufacturer needs your help.

In Resources on June 2, 2011 at 2:12 pm

Today I received this email from Nova Lee, a young entrepreneur trying to fulfill her American manufacturing dream. She’s looking for our help.

“I am attempting to make an American made product and am needing public support to make it happen. The product is a reusable 16 oz cup that collapses down to under 2 inches and fits in your pocket. We call it HicCup. Take a look at this video and spread the word. What we need is is to raise 20k dollars to pay for the mold, which costs 45k. I’ve raised 25k and now I need help raising the rest. To accomplish this I will need to pre-sell 1667 cups at a price of 14$. Thanks for any support you can send my way and thank you for promoting products made in America!”

So if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly reusable plastic cup, or if you just want to help a young lady manufacture her product in the USA, visit her web site at to help.

  1. Thank-you for the post, I wanted to give an update on this, “We raised the funds needed to finish manufacturing this product!” In the process I have learned something very important as to why Quality and Made in America go hand in hand. My tool maker in Newark California, has over 30 years experience welding and fabricating precision steal tools which is hard to find in places like China. Why? 30 years ago China was farmland just opening its doors to western culture and technology. In contract manufacturing and the assembly line was invented here in the US and subsequently this is where the people with the highest level of experience and skill are found. Again thank you for supporting Quality products Made in America!

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