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The things that matter most might not really be things.

In Adventures on November 25, 2009 at 12:53 am

Shelley always says that. On Facebook she does, anyway. It’s usually in conjunction with cute pictures of nephews and stuff. It’s a nice sentiment for a lot of reasons.

And now, perhaps for the first time in my life, stuff is really and truly way down on the list of things I’m thankful for. I don’t mean to sound like my priorities were completely out of whack before this year, or that I’m living like a monk or something. But really, I’m not thankful for a video game or a car or a new jacket or any of the other things it’s so easy to buy just because it feels so good. I’m finally thankful for important stuff rather than consumable stuff. And I’m thankful for that too.

Happy Thanksgiving.



Stuff = Time

In Adventures on May 2, 2009 at 12:29 am

My mother just forwarded an email newsletter to me. It’s from Simplify 101, a web site on decluttering and organization.

The crux of the story, written by Aby Garvey, is this: stuff equals time. I think it makes sense. And it’s another good reason not to buy so much. Here it is… Read the rest of this entry »

Will Woot wanna?

In Retailers on January 24, 2009 at 9:39 am

Just for fun I sent Woot a request. They list all sorts of specifications about the “crap” they sell, but they don’t typically list where the stuff is made. So I asked ‘em too.

They won’t.

They didn’t respond as such, but I’m confident they won’t. Nor will they respond. No matter how fun or funky or offbeat they may be, they’re still a big ol’ American retailer. And they sell stuff. Stuff we don’t need. And there’s no reason on God’s green earth why they see a benefit to listing the origins of the stuff they sell.

So they won’t. I’m sure of it.

Dear Woot: I’m neither angry nor disappointed. My request is that you list “Country of Origin” in product specs. (I know, most of the stuff is probably from far, far away. But still: it’s good to know that, even if it isn’t made in the USA.)

They won’t.


Woot. There it is.

In Retailers on January 22, 2009 at 10:05 pm

One of my favorite ways to buy stuff is via Woot’s motto is, “One day, One deal.” They list a thing every morning just after midnight, and they sell that thing for 24 hours or until they run out. Today it might be a universal TV remote, tomorrow a computer monitor. They may have ten or ten thousand, and when they’re out they’re out. And if you missed something good Read the rest of this entry »

Still Made In The USA

In Resources on January 17, 2009 at 11:25 am

1.2.09: I found a site that lists where to buy MITUSA stuff.  It not only lists why it’s good to buy American-made products, but it includes a large directory of them as well. I learned it is possible to buy American-made suits: Joseph Abboud at Nordstrom. Woohoo!


On Stuff

In Stuff on January 16, 2009 at 11:21 pm


Stuff: Noun. The stuff you stuff your face with, or the stuff you stuff your house with, or the stuff you stuff your ego with. Stuff. Anything you buy. Goods, wares, junk, purchases, etc. Stuff.

Usually I don’t need most of the stuff I buy. I think I need it, or I want it, or I like it, etc. But I could make do without quite so much stuff, I’m sure.


On the origins of all sorts of stuff

In Stuff on January 16, 2009 at 12:53 pm


I suppose I should come up with some sort of hypotheses about which stuff comes from where. So, let’s see…

Food: I’m guessing most of it will come from the U.S. But I’m also assuming that it’ll be hard to tell the origins of much of it. And, secondly, are things like Argentinian chiles and oranges from Mexico off limits? Shelley says cans and stuff? I have no idea.

Clothes: I think this might be one of the hardest things to buy made in the USA. Unless we count vintage, in which case I’m golden. Most of my clothes seem to come from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and Thailand. Shelley says she doesn’t check clothing labels. Never, in fact.

House stuff: Shelley says she can’t even venture a guess. I assume some furniture will be US made, but most knick knacky stuff will be from the far east. Maybe India.

Electronics: I’m guessing that’s the other big impossibility. Are Zenith TVs still made? Weren’t they made in the USA? I’m in trouble if I have to buy a TV. I think.

Cars? Come on. That’s a tough one.

Consumables? Probably made in America for paper towels, TP, etc.

Ugh. There’s a lot to buy.